About Our Founder & Chef

Chef Luis Sanchez was born and raised in San Bartolomé Quialana, Oaxaca, where he began experimenting with food at a very young age. Luis vividly recalls how cooking was always an activity filled with joy, happiness and had a sense of community. The community would come together to cook for any special event. He recalls his mother and other women firing up grills, griddles and pots to make fresh tortillas, tlayudas, moles and a variety of other dishes that were prepared with the utmost attention and love.

His obsession for fresh, locally grown food stems from his upbringing as well. Growing up in the Central Valley region of Oaxaca provided Luis with the opportunity to help his mother grow a wide variety of vegetables and tropical fruits (which they would later trade for other staples at the weekly Mercado.)

Luis moved to Los Angeles in search for opportunities. He worked his way up to be the kitchen manager at Koo Koo Roo, Santa Monica when Koo Koo Roo was at its highest peak in the early 2000's. He had full responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the kitchen for the busiest Koo Koo Roo store of the time. Eager to learn other aspects of the kitchen, he left Koo Koo Roo to work for Bonne Bouffe catering. Luis became the head chef for their Healthy Lunch Program. Over the last two years, Luis has expanded his business alongside his wife, Ariana, and they have now opened their first sit-in location in South Los Angeles.